How Much Does a Rooster Cost? | A Buyer’s Guide

A rooster is used for egg fertilization, cock fighting, and the safekeeping of the flock. These are the reasons why buying a rooster or more is a worthwhile investment. Still, you need to have some ideas about the cost so you can set your budget. 

How much does a rooster cost? The cost depends on the kind of rooster. It can be as low as $10 and high as $1,500. Most individuals are willing to spend $10-$100 for one rooster. If you’re looking for superior quality, you’ll need $50-$100. Roosters for the exhibition are put on sale for around $800. A cockerel born from crossbreeding will cost from $150-$250. 

A rooster can be sold with pullets and young or mature chickens. They’re sold as a set of pairs or trios, and the price starts at $300 and up to $1,300.

These estimations have given you some ideas, but you may want to learn more about the specifics before buying roosters. Some factors interfere with the price, and this article will tell you about them.

What to Consider When Buying a Rooster?

What to Consider When Buying a Rooster


If you’re into raising landrace chickens, you will not be concerned about ‘breed standard.’ You will if you choose to own pure breed roosters. Furthermore, you should be attentive to the following things:

  • Color and pattern should meet the breed standard. A variety of colors is another trait that you will love so the offspring can inherit it.
  • The rooster should be in the weight that’s right for its age. According to NBC news, fat roosters become lousy at making chicks. Weight is important when you raise roosters not only for reproduction but as a meat source as well.
  • You should also check how the rooster bears itself and its shape.
  • The characteristics and behaviors expected from a certain breed must be conspicuous.


Everyone would love to take care of a gentle and well-tempered rooster. These are important characteristics that make this animal close to you, your family, and even your children.

The aggressive ones will only end up hurting themselves as disputes between their fellow cockerels are inevitable. A rooster should also be gentle to the hens.

Genetic Diversity

You’ll also be interested in adding a new bloodline to your flock but maintaining genetic strength at the same time. Watch out for possibilities of diseases and deterioration of fertility.

Without introducing diversity into your flocks, negative attributes like fray feathering can occur. Thus, it’s recommended to buy two or three roosters. You have to choose the primary rooster and secondary ones that have a different bloodline.

How Much Is a Full-Grown Rooster?

The average cost of a full-grown rooster is from $5-$30. Although the prices vary because of some factors, affordability is undeniable. You may even get it for free from people who are only inclined to raise hens for eggs.

How Much Does a Fighting Rooster Cost?

How Much Does a Fighting Rooster Cost.

The cost of an English rooster for fighting starts at $50 and can increase to $100. The pure breed fighting roosters like Claret, Dark Red Hatch, Pure Lemon, Pure Butcher, Roundhead, Silver or Regular Grays, and Pure Lemon Hatch are sold at $250-$300 each. You’ll find a good deal from a set of pairs or trio for $500-$600.

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Rooster Rare Breeds | Price

Dong Tao Chicken

Being a highly-priced rooster breed in Vietnam, its rarity increases as time passes by. It garners many fans because a rooster can weigh up to 13 pounds. This breed is also referred to as dragon chicken. Believe it or not, the size of its legs is the same as the wrist of a man.

A Dong Tao rooster can cost $1,250 since it’s usually sold at $2,500 a pair. It becomes rare since its female version is not an ideal mother in rearing offspring.

Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani is a premium chicken as it’s on the top list of rare breeds. It’s not only extremely mysterious and mesmerizing since its whole body is black. Hence, you can’t blame people in Indonesia for considering them as sacred birds. The price ranges from $1,250-$2,500.


The name of this chicken translates as ‘the honorable fowl.’ Japan acknowledges this breed as a National Treasure as there were only 250 of them in 1952.

Up to these days, this breed continues to hold its rarity and beauty with its long tail. A rooster can cost $1,430 since you’ll find a pair of Onagadori at $2,860.

Modern Game

Since this breed is long-legged with a straight posture, it’s considered a runway model in the poultry world. Due to its colorful plumage, it’s a show or ornamental bird.

As a warm-weather bird, it can’t cope with a cold climate. The price of Modern game roosters ranges from $20 to $30 as its age matters. This breed was first raised in England, and its population is significantly lower than in the past.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Rooster?

How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Rooster

It’s possible to cut down expenses when raising roosters. To determine how much you’ll spend, here are the essential things for their healthy growth.


One rooster can consume 1.5 or 2 pounds of feed weekly. Supplements can also be added to the budget for extra nourishment.

According to Alliant Union, the monthly food expense for roosters is $10 to $15. You can save more if you raise your rooster as free-range as it can hunt food by itself.

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Building a Coop

The amount that you need to build a coop depends on the size of your flock. If you have a few roosters, you can use materials that may be just lying around like lumber, tin roofing, and reusable hardware.

A fancy coop for a large flock can be around $2,000. You can finish building a coop with a reasonable size for $500. The necessary sum includes feeder, perches, bedding, waterer, and boxes.

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Water bottles, coop repairs, and wood chips are some of the things that are under miscellaneous.

Factors that Affect the Price of a Rooster


Roosters can live around 7 to 8 years. A fully-grown one can cost around a hundred dollars. Of course, there’s a big difference when you buy a chick that is only for $10-$20 or much lower. Expect older roosters to be offered at a lower price.


Buying from local breeders or farmers is cheaper than doing it online. You’ll have to pay an additional $10 to $20 for the shipping fee.


Purebred roosters are the perfect candidates for cock fighting and exhibitions because of their wonderful appearance, color, and shape. That’s why they’re more expensive than the crossbreeds. A hybrid booster or unregistered rooster has a price of below $100.

Is It Worth Having a Rooster?

Is It Worth Having a Rooster

Some of the rooster’s roles are organizing the flock and keeping an eye on hens. A rooster relentlessly works as a defender against possible dangers like flying predators. It’s always ready to fight animals that intend to harm the hens and the chicks. 

The number of your chickens increases with the help of the rooster. A hen needs to mate with a rooster to produce fertilized eggs. You can still gather fresh eggs even though they’re fertilized so there won’t be a problem.

The rooster’s bright and beautiful feathers are not only a sight to see in your poultry, but it allows this animal to join exhibitions. These features also contribute to bringing out attractive offspring.

Moreover, the flashy-colored feathers distract predators’ act of defense. Roosters are worthwhile investments for individuals who are into cockfighting. 

What Is the Most Expensive Rooster in the World?

Ayam Cemani is the most expensive rooster in the world since it costs $2,500 per fowl.

What Factors Causing Cemani Chicken Become Expensive?

Low egg production

An Ayam Cemani hen only lays two eggs per week, and that’s a total of 80–100 eggs in a year. There are times that it stops laying after giving 20 to 30 eggs. It will take a few months before it starts to lay eggs again. Therefore, its ability to produce eggs is inconsistent and unreliable.

Import Restriction

Although the importing of Ayam Cemani from Indonesia has been ongoing for two decades, there are some restrictions due to avian influenza. It can take weeks or even more than a month to receive your chicken. To resolve this issue, the American Poultry Association must give recognition to this breed.

Why Are Roosters Less Expensive Than Hens?

Why Are Roosters Less Expensive Than Hens

Roosters are less expensive than hens because they don’t lay eggs.

Do You Need a Rooster in Your Flock?

You need a rooster in your flock to have more chickens. Without a rooster, the hen’s eggs won’t fertilize and hatch into chicks. 

Will Roosters Kill Each Other?

Only game roosters kill each other since they have sharp metals on their claws. They are put in a ring where they don’t have a choice but to fight each other. In a coop setting, the loser just gives up and accepts defeat.


The price range of roosters is from $10 to 1,500. As you can see, the gap is quite big. It’s because of some factors that affect the pricing like breed or bloodline, source, and fowl’s age. Apart from the price of the rooster, you shouldn’t forget that you need to spend on food, shelter, and miscellaneous expenses, too.

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