How Much Does an Ostrich Cost? | Is It Expensive?

Raising animals on a farm will usually involve fowls and cattle. This is a conventional practice, but there are new things that you can venture into. For instance, you can consider managing an ostrich farm since enormous profit can be gained from these large birds!

How much does an ostrich cost? A 30 to 60 days-old ostrich chick costs $525. A yearling can be sold at $2,500 each, while a full-grown ostrich has the value of $7,500 – $10,000. Other things can be sold from ostriches, such as their eggs, meat, and feathers. 

When you start an ostrich farm, you don’t only have to focus on the profit alone. You should also think about the expenses to make the farm flourish. Apart from cost and prices, you’ll learn more information and what you can gain from ostriches. Just keep on reading.

Is it Legal to Own an Ostrich

Owning an ostrich is legal in some states, like Florida, North Dakota, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Colorado, and New Hampshire. Other states don’t allow owning an ostrich.

When you prefer to keep this large bird as livestock, you have to secure a permit. You need to be capable of providing their needs and a sturdy shelter where they can’t escape.

How Much Does an Adult Ostrich Cost?

The cost of a fully-grown ostrich can start at $7,500 and reach up to $10,000. It’s expensive because of the expenses of nurturing the bird.

How Much Does an Ostrich Egg Cost?

How Much Does an Ostrich Egg Cost

A single ostrich egg can be sold at $35 to $50. Though it’s more expensive than usual, it’s fresh, and it’s similar to 24 pieces of chicken eggs. Fertile eggs are also for sale at $100 apiece.

How Many Eggs Does an Ostrich Lay?

A female ostrich can lay 40 to 60 eggs annually. Some crossbreeds can produce 70 pieces a year. If you sell each egg for $40, you can earn $2,000 a year from 50 eggs.

One bird continues to lay eggs for 30 years. Therefore, it can let you gain $60,000 from its eggs.

Are Ostriches Hard to Raise?

The first phase of raising ostriches is hard, specifically if the ostriches that you have are three months old. It’s a crucial time as they are prone to stress.

Regarding this matter, it’s advisable to get birds that are a year and a half old or two years old.

Within this age, you have adequate time to observe and learn their habits before they commence with the breeding stage.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise an Ostrich per Month?

How Much Does it Cost to Raise an Ostrich per Month

The monthly cost of raising an ostrich depends on its age. You have to spend $75 for a chick per month while it’s $50 for adult ostriches that are around two years old.

The expenses are also influenced by your intentions on raising ostriches and the habitat setup that you like. To break down the expenses, here are the things that you would spend for the sake of your ostriches.

Health Care – $0-$250/month

You have to contact a veterinarian who specializes in ratite birds, including ostriches. These birds are commonly microchipped in case they escape, as their speed is not something to be taken lightly.

Before taking them to your farm, they need to have a health certificate based on lab testing. Vaccination is usually not required.

Food – $20-$75/month

Ostriches can sustain through beets, cabbages, grains, and oranges. Adding pellet food to their diet is great. These birds also consume leaves, seeds, and roots. A fully-grown ostrich needs two pounds of food and 4 gallons of water daily. 

Grooming – $0

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend on grooming ostriches, as well as putting in a lot of effort. They do sand baths by themselves. There’s no need to trim their toenails which are used for scratching rocks. They swallow rocks and dust as these things improve their digestion.

Vet and Medications – $0-$200/month

To ensure that your pair of ostrich for breeding is healthy, you have to see a ratite vet in June, which is before their breeding season. Vaccinations and worming may be necessary.

Pet Insurance – $150-$250/month

It’s up to the owner whether to get pet insurance for ostriches or not. In case the ostriches get injured or sick, the insurance will back you up. There’s a price range because it depends on your area and the ostrich’s age and health.

Environment Maintenance – $20-$150

This fee depends on the age of the bird. Due to its towering height, you have to provide 6 to 8 feet tall fences. A shed is utilized as shelter and storage. Therefore, maintenance will depend on the structure and size of what you’ve built.

Entertainment – $20-$50

Pebbles and long grasses can be added for enrichment. You may also scatter the food to encourage pecking behavior and foraging. With this concern, you can add puzzle feeders.

Ostrich Raising

When raising a pair of ostriches, you have to prepare an acre of land. Within the said area, you have to build a shed and fence. Pens and feeding areas should be made too. If you plan to focus on breeding, an incubator is essential.

Revenues of Raising Ostriches

Eggs, meat, feathers, and leather can create revenues from raising ostriches. Here they are:


A female ostrich can produce 40 to 60 eggs a year. Each piece can be sold at $35 to $50. You can have annual earnings of around $2,000 from a single ostrich. This bird can continuously lay an egg for 30 years, so you can collect $60,000 from its entire lifetime.


Ostriches are usually butchered at 14 months. At this age, one bird will give you 75 lbs to 130 lbs of meat. The prices vary as it depends on the body parts. Filets are sold from $25 to $50 per pound.

Tenderloins start at $50 per pound, and ground ostrich meat is also available at $10 to $15. A whole bird is also offered wholesale, and each pound costs $20. Typically, one ostrich can be sold at $1,500.

How to Start an Ostrich Farm?

How to Start an Ostrich Farm

Ostrich farming is practical and profitable at the same time. This is a present status that remains unchanged in the future since it generates revenues in numerous ways. To reach your goal, you have to know how to raise ostriches on your farm.

  • Be certain with the method in generating revenues from your ostriches. You can sell their eggs, meat, and feathers.
  • Find a place that is one or 3 acres wide to establish an ideal shelter to protect the birds from bad weather conditions.
  • You have to be responsible enough to provide enough food and drinking water.
  • Know the different kinds of ostriches. The African blackbirds are so easy to manage, while the other species are aggressive.
  • Buy the unhatched eggs and young birds if you want to save some money. If you want to have the ostriches that can lay eggs soon, you have to buy the adult birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Land Do You Need Per Ostrich?

Each ostrich needs 5,000 square feet.

Do Ostriches Need Shelter?

Ostriches need shelter as they need to be kept safe at night from possible predator attacks.

Are Ostriches Good Pets?

Ostriches are not good pets, even domesticated ones. Although they’re docile and smaller, they have a temperament that is not relevant in establishing a relationship with humans.

They have small brains, unlike their body size. Hence, their responses are primal. When people approach or pet them, they may misunderstand it as an attack. They may kick someone and cause injury or even death by using their sharp nails.

What Is the Lifespan of Ostrich?

The lifespan of an ostrich is 30 to 40 years in the wild and up to 50 years when they’re domesticated.

Is It Expensive to Raise Ostriches?

It’s expensive to raise ostriches, but you can gain it back and even make a profit.

Are Ostriches Smart?

Ostriches are not smart because of their small brains. For instance, they can’t be attached to humans since they don’t respond with friendliness when they’re being petted. They may misinterpret the action as an attack. 


How much does an ostrich cost? Aside from this question, you have to be concerned with other things when planning to have an ostrich farm. You have to prepare for its needs like enough space, shed, pen, and food. The legality of ownership in your area needs to be confirmed before starting with the first step. You should also be aware of where your effort is heading, so check the possible revenue.

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