Reasons Why Peacocks Make Good Pets | All You Need to Know!

Peacocks are among the most beautiful and exotic bird breeds. These big birds possess stunningly colorful, iridescent feathers that open up like a beautiful fan, making everyone admire them.

Can you own a peacock as a pet? Anyone can own a peacock as a pet. These birds make excellent pets since they are easy to take care of and are an incredible addition to any farm. In addition to that, peacocks are not picky eaters and are highly adaptable to new environments, so you don’t have to worry if they can cope well in a new environment.

With this guide, we will guide you through the pros and cons of having peacocks as pets and share with you their various characteristics. So, let’s get this rolling!

Are Peacocks Good Pets?

Are Peacocks Good Pets

Peacocks can be good pets as living ornaments outdoors. However, they need extra care.

Furthermore, unlike other pets, they are less friendly and affectionate than pet dogs or cats. Also, it’s much better to opt for blue peafowls than green ones since they are tamer, more adaptable, and less aggressive than other peacock types.

It’s also best to note that peacocks poop a lot, which smells a lot. They also make noises even at night.

Can You Buy Peacocks as Pets?

Can You Buy Peacocks as Pets

You can buy peacocks as pets. Peacocks are fantastic pets, and many people want to host these beautiful and showy ornamental birds in their backyards. The average price of these stunning bird species ranges from $35 to $275.

Reasons Peacocks Make Good Pets

Reasons Peacocks Make Good Pets

If you’re still trying to convince yourself about getting peacocks as pets, here are some reasons to convince you to get one:

1. Peacocks are not picky eaters.

Getting peacocks as pets will save you from thinking about what you should feed them daily since these birds are not picky eaters. They consume a wide range of food since they are omnivorous.

They can also thrive well in any environment, as long as their basic needs are met, such as space and food they eat.

2. Peacocks can be loving to their owners.

Peacocks can be loving towards their owners if raised from an early age. These birds may see you as a parent if you’ve been with them at an early age.

It’s also best to spend a lot of time with your pet birds, getting them to sit in your lap or eat from your hands. These actions will make peacocks get accustomed to your presence.

3. Peacocks are adaptable to weather conditions.

Peacocks can adapt to erratic weather and climate changes despite being tropical in nature. In fact, peafowls can handle the summer heat and winter seasons very well.

4. Peacocks are beautiful creatures.

Another reason why you should get peacocks as pets is that these birds are beautiful creatures. They comprise various bold colors that make it impossible for anyone not to notice their presence.

5. Peacocks can ward off dangerous pests.

If you’ve got a farm, having a peacock around can be helpful. It can ward off snakes and other pests with its sharp spurs, inflicting serious damage.

These birds can also make crowing noises, letting you know that danger is present within the vicinity.

6. Peacocks can get along well with other animals.

Peacocks also don’t create a fuss around other animals and get along well. They generally just search for food and stay out of the other animal’s way. They are also not aggressive unless they feel threatened.

7. Peacocks are active creatures. 

Peacocks are very active creatures and love roaming around the vicinity. They’re great observers and always move and make a screeching sound when sensing any danger.

Are Peacocks Active?

Peacocks are very active creatures and love moving from place to place to search for food and explore their surroundings.

Are Peacocks Affectionate?

Peacocks can be affectionate. However, you have to undergo a process that ideally should begin during the young years of these birds.

This process usually involves spending time with your peacock pets and allowing them to interact with you. Hugging, sitting on your lap, and simply patting them gently can help them get accustomed and close to you. 

Are Peacocks Picky Eaters?

Peacocks aren’t picky eaters at all. They are omnivores, so they eat various types of vegetables and meat.

Do Peacocks Relate Well with Other Animals?

Peacocks can relate well with other animals, especially with turkeys and chickens. However, if you have cats, the peachicks should be kept away.

That’s because cats can kill and eat peachicks. In this case, peafowl is much safer around other domestic animals such as horses, goats, and sheep.

Are Peacocks Highly Adaptable?

Peacocks are highly adaptable to new environments and weather conditions. As long as their basic needs are met, they can thrive in almost any environment.

Can Peacocks Fend Off Dangerous Pests?

Peacocks can ward off snakes, large cats, and other potential predators, keeping animals on the farm safe. 

Reasons Why Peacocks Do Not Make Good Pets

Reasons Why Peacocks Do Not Make Good Pets

Having peacocks around can be fun and add allures to your farm. However, it’s best to note that there are also cons to raising peacocks as pets, such as the following:

1. Peacocks can be messy as pets.

Peacocks usually poop a lot, so it can get messy. On top of that, the excrement has a very foul scent with a sticky consistency, making it hard to clean the mess.

2. Peacocks can be noisy.

Another reason why peacocks don’t make excellent pets is that they can get noisy, particularly when looking for a mate. So, you have to consider this aspect before getting one to avoid causing disturbance to your neighbors.

3. Peacocks require a big space.

If you’re thinking of getting peacocks as pets, you have to give these birds a lot of space. It’s best not to keep them in suburban areas since they can easily fly over any fences, causing potential property damage to your neighbors.

4. Peacocks tend to fly away when unsupervised.

If you plan on getting a peacock, you must leave it unsupervised as it can fly away anytime. To avoid this from happening, you have to enclose their area with a roof and a fence if you only have limited space.

5. Peacocks can’t be house-trained.

Unlike dogs and cats that know property boundaries, peacocks just don’t recognize such a thing. These huge birds may even fly over to your neighbor’s yard if they see that food is much better over there.

6. You may have to raise more than one peacock.

Peacocks thrive when they are around their own kind. So, you may have to get more than one peacock to allow these peafowls to thrive.

It’s also ideal not to get male peacocks as these are very territorial and tend to be more aggressive to one another.

7. They are not great companions.

Compared to traditional pets like cats and dogs, these peacocks are not great companions except for those that are raised by humans from an early age.

Are Peacocks Noisy?

Peacocks can get noisy, especially when searching for a mate. They can also make a loud screeching at night when noticing any danger within the area.

Are Peacocks Messy?

Peafowls tend to be messy since they poop a lot. Their excrement is also sticky, making it more tedious to clean.

Are Peacocks Hard to Train?

These birds can’t be house-trained if they are already adults when you got them. Peacocks should be trained, while they are young to get accustomed and affectionate to their owners and environment. 

Are Peacocks Not a Great Companion?

Peacocks are not great companions, but they can add beauty to any homestead or farm instead. They can also ward off snakes with their sharp claws and talons.

Can Peacocks Fly Away If Not Monitored?

Peacocks can’t recognize boundaries and can fly to your neighbor’s yard when not monitored. They usually do this when finding a much better environment with abundant food.

Do Peacocks Need Space?

Peacocks need a huge space. In fact, a single peacock will need at least 80 ft to give them a comfortable living situation to stay healthy.

If caged, the area where they live should be at least 7 ft high to provide them enough space to fly and spread their wings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Pet Peacock Cost?

The average cost of a pet peacock is around $35 to $275. With this price range, you can get a healthy bird with no flaws whatsoever. 

Meanwhile, flawed birds with poor toes and black spots are sold at a much lesser price, ranging from $35 to $55.

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Is It Legal to Have Peacocks as Pets?

In the United States and Canada, it’s legal to have peacocks as pets. But, the birds have to be from the Indian peafowl species since the Green and Congo peafowl are illegal to own.

What Is the Difference Between Peafowl and Peacock?

In general, the term peacock refers to both sexes, and males are technically the only peacock. Meanwhile, females are called peahens, and when gathered together, they are named peafowl.

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Peacocks are indeed beautiful birds. They can add beauty to your surroundings with their bold and classy fan-like feathers.

However, if you want to keep these birds as pets, it comes with pros and cons. So, it’s much better to weigh down those two to see if peacocks are the right pets for you.

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